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Elizabeth Messina Art

Elizabeth Messina

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in the month of July .

I've always known about Psychics from older family members. On one side about Catholic, healer, empath.. In Italy, known as the white witch, something of which we never spoke.

The other side of my bloodlines, gypsy spirit and an affinity for working with plants and animals. Thus, it allows me great latitude and I explored as much. I wanted to teach astrology but first I had to bum it.. That was very difficult with the blue laws still on the books in the 70s. I did however connect with a kindred spirit, Audrey Ficklin was my first teacher.

With all the that decried, I kept my astrology, and taught for 20 years. l lectured widely in the tri-state area. Soon doing my own radio show segment I was the daily astrology to 30,000 listeners.l wrote a daily column with the local newspaper contributed to local magazines with many articles that was even asked to speak at three different colleges in Connecticut, by the quote unquote non-believing professors. Or were they?

I worked for a company called datemakers and they put me in 300 newspapers across the country, even Hawaii.

Through all of this time I continue to write and paint. These I did for myself.

In 2001, the Univer changed my life radically. I have a new relationship, a new name and a new address Florida.

It was only natural that I would continue teaching and counseling and doing charts. I could reach more people and create a new entourage.That is something that did not happen. To this day I am still a solitary.

I have no like-minded people connections. I thought perhaps it was the Bible belt. And so„„ I decided to try a new avenue for my talents and painted and created since I was a child. Anything from costumes, scenery, furniture, and if you stood still, I might pay you. I bring the ceramic shop. I have done for by a paintings for the schools in my town. I have done 55 costumes and all the scenery from the play, I produced for children under the age of 11. I painted all the murals for two concerns in Connecticut, one a tanning company. The other company was a figure salons and I had to create a 20 ft theme for each salon highlighting their membership tree.

Mural in a private home featuring the Garden of Allahl inspired by Maxwell Parish and have I have decorated nurseries and bathrooms aplenty.

I have three shops. The first was early and was called the moonchild. It was an astrological boutiques. And that was in the days when people actually broke my windows.The second was a really refurbished factory workers began to sell my paintings and my painted furniture. That one I called the Galleria Pomona. Connecticut loves recycling.

Taking a break from Commerce, I enrolled in Husitonic state collage, where I studied for three years before moving to Florida.

Here in Florida. I devoted the rest of my time to painting and studied with several groups. I opened a third shop called, , Xanadu artworks.

My devotion to metaphysics and my passion for painting was soul satisfying, and yes I have my mermaids.

In my studies with these local people. I find that there are no naked breasts Pasco County. I'm often asked if buying mermaids would wear clothing because these nudes are not family friendly. It seems even the mermaid show called witchy watchi, after I was commissioned to fill the blank walls with my mermaids, I was told, no naked mermaids.. Their driveway leading up to the main lobby. Life size naked mermaids.

And so it's come to this, I was delighted to see your site because if you think my mermaids created a stir. We should have seen the reaction to my goddesses demons gods and witches.

I paint what I imagine what I see, what I dream, l borrowed liberally from artists greater than myself. Imitation is the greatest compliment is it not?

I am well acquainted with the Parthenon and Studied mythology for many years.. If any, in your audience. Have a particular favorite Deity, I will create an image for them.

I painted oil and water on wood on campus, I sculpt stained-glass. Some of these are framed and sometimes not.

If you do not wish an original I can make a print. A print is $25.

Sincerely Elizabeth Messina