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Customer Reviews

The Witches Sage Customer Reviews
Based on 469 reviews

Cute little thing, just what i wanted!

This stuff smells amazing! I really love it and will buy alot more!

Love this scent

Musk Scent. Got a match box as a gift and looked online to find more. I use them in the bathroom. Still need to get an ashtray so they last longer. Cool website too.


I purchased many different fragrances and I haven't tried them all, yet. But I'm happy with the ones that I have sampled and am looking forward to finding more good ones.

Love these incense

These are the best Dragon's Blood incense out of any I've tried.

Pretty good.

This reminds me of record store 'Mixed Berry' scent, just better.
A bit wispy, a little chalky, not much linger. If you're going to use this for 'work', I'd suggest pairing it with something else.

Very nice.

Soft. Light. Airy. Flowery. Clean.
Perfumey with a noticable presence of 'green'.
Almost a lemon and vanilla quality overall. A good everyday scent.

Seems alright.

Apparently people use this for 'money spells'. Consensus is it smells like bank notes. As far as I can tell, that scent is present.
But there's also an off, almost spoilage scent going on there too. That would probably be the 'ink' scent.
Not sure if it helps money matters, but the overall scent profile is both pleasant and accurate.

Okay overall.

I was hoping for more of a 'sandalwood dipped in sandalwood essential oil' scent, but what I got was gently spicy wood. Good for background ambience, also doesn't linger.

Love it

Great for potions **cough cough** I mean tinctures 😉 🧙‍♀️

Smells wonderful

These cones actually smell like what they’re supposed to and not just campfire! I love this shop!

Love it

Always shows up early and in perfect condition! Plus a little extra gift of incense with each order.


I purchased as a test to see what we liked best. I drew a heart on the ones I like as I tried them. Now, all the boxes have a heart and I have a hard time deciding which is best.

Great Find!!

This little charm is the perfect size for my project and for a super good price!!

Pleasant atmosphere.

This Dragon's Blood has a nice flowery/almost tropical quality to it. A light 'burnt' quality to it as well, which is expected. A good 'everyday' profile. Excellent product.

Almost perfect.

Cedar scent is clear and present, sweetgrass scent helps. Smells 'real enough'. A very enjoyable foresty profile. Excellent product.

Nice for the Price.

Are the scents listed all recognizable? Yes.
Heavy focus on sandalwood, but the almost chocolate scent of oudh is clear, and the slight tingle of pine is also present. Excellent product.

The best scent

I found these incense while working out west. The scent reminds me of good times. Once I returned home to the Midwest I could not find them in a store. I found them on witchessage for a great price. Shipping was super fast. Thanks!!

Friendly Caldron

We keep this Caldron Backflowing Burner in our kitchen where it is a conversation piece as well as a fun clearer of negative vibes that may enter through the front door. It flows very well, with smoke gently wafting from upper to lower level and then straight up into the air if the air is still enough.

Powerful smoke

These are not the easiest to start and at first you don’t get much backflow smoke, but once it gets going you get a TON of smoke that smells lovely and burns for a long time (for a backflow cone)


I use this during divinations and tarot card readings. I use this for cleansings. I use this just to raise the vibration within my hoyse. People compliment it every time I burn it. It is my absolute favorite. Of course, other companies make Nag Champa Sandalwood incense, but NONE of them are half as good as this. SERIOUSLY. I highly recommend it. Success and abundance to the owners of The Witches Sage. I absolutely LOVE shopping with you.

This is one of my favorites!

This one is hard to find. I've only found one other company that sells this amazing scent.


I love love love the scent! I'm happy I found this site to get some of the best quality incense I've ever burned! 💜 Blessed be!

Just love it & great price.

Such a great scent. Not overpowering. Just love it & such a great price.

Fav soap

This is my favorite soap, amazing fragrance