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Customer Reviews

The Witches Sage Customer Reviews
Based on 357 reviews
Auroshikha Frangipani Incense

arrived securely and quickly

Not my favorite, yes I love the other 2.

Patchouli can have a million different scents, and I don't care for this one. I ordered Nag Champa and Lavendar as well. So glad I did, I love them both!!!

Protection stick incense

Packed well and arrived on time. Excellent service!

Great Insecse

The smell is a great smell and it's my favorite one so far

Kamins Bewitching insence

This is my favorite incense in the whole wide world love the smell. I usually get migraines with other incense smells. I use this while selling my wire wrap necklaces and my teen girls love it too.

Pure Ecstacy

I'm so in love with this scent! I need this in perfume too!!

Very sweet scented

I knew from the description that it would smell sweet, it was pure sweet scented too when I have it burning. Great incense.

Smells a lot like the mint plant

I tried this incense and it was promising. It smells so much like mint from start to finish.

Love it

It's so pretty and fits great, absolutely love it.

Love it

I have been burning Kyphi in it and it's wonderful. Works as expected, no problems using it at all.

one of the best scents of october

Haven't used it yet but it smells really good

Love this moon incense cone, smells really good.

Gong Temple Bell
Heather Teece Schultz
Pretty but sounds cheap

Item feels well made, heavy iron and copper but the sound of the bell is not at all appealing and sounds cheap

Love this incense!

I bought a pack of these while traveling and loved them - so happy to have found them at The Witches Sage. Clean, quick burn with a warm and lovely smell. Order and shipping experience was excellent. Bought enough to share with friends and will definitely reorder.

Peace and tranquillity

It’s an amazing fragrance to have around especially when you’re meditating I find it very calming and it really helps me focus I fell in love with it in New Orleans and that’s why I had to order more🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Blessings

Beautiful scent and great quality

This is my favorite incense by far! The scent is amazing, it fills my home. The quality is fantastic. My whole experience with ordering was great, amazing website, fast shipping, prices are phenomenal! This was my first time ordering and def won't be my last. 10/10 highly recommend!

Incense Matches

Beautiful scents. I like the convenience of carrying them with me. These matches really do kill “human odors.” My favorites are these Patchouli and Musk.

Black Cat Sachet Powder
Jackie Bostick

I used the product and it is fine and overall it works


I really like this scent, you'll definitely smell the potency of the ginger!

Zodiac Aires Sticker 3"
Jacquelynn Drake
Very pretty picture

I will buy more from here.

A great source

A reliable source for my hard to find Palo Santo Incense Cones. Your service is prompt, impecable and prices are great. I am happy you are open. Looking forward to my next purchase. Thank you for the samples

It's ok

I actually ordered the wrong ones. The sandalwood nag champa are the ones I love. So I gave the ones without the sandalwood to my buddy

Mortar and pestle

I wanted a mortar and pestle to make my own paints, and I couldn’t picture how it would make it a joy to make paints. It is perfect for what I need.

High vibe incense

Straight copal and frankincense resin can be a little too intense for me sometimes so I took a chance on this blend. It is sublime and I’m using it daily. All of the Witches Sage house brand incenses are top notch!