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Witcher Wolf's Head Pendant
The Witches Sage

Witcher Wolf's Head Pendant

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Witcher Wolf's Head Medallion with Chain - Geralt of Rivias

Chain and pendant is Zinc Alloy. Pendant is 1-7/8" x 1-7/8'.

Necklace measures 19 inches with a lobster claw.

"The witcher medallion is not only an insignia of our profession, it is also one of its tools. It has numerous useful capabilities that are accessible, of course, only to one who possesses the necessary knowledge and training. First of all, it reacts to the presence of sorcerous auras in the immediate surroundings, making us aware of nearby spellcasting, active illusions, or magical creatures. It also warns the owner of sudden dangers, thus providing an additional moment to react. Keep in mind, though, that the medallion is not infallible. A very strong magical aura, such as those found in Places of Power or during the solstices, can provoke aberrant reactions. In large cities, where people widely use simple magical amulets or sorcerous alarm systems to protect their homes, coin, or ruttish wives, the medallion can also behave abnormally." - Vesemir

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