Pinon Pine Resin
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Pinon Pine Resin

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Pinon Pine Resin (Trementina Resin) - .5oz

Pinon Pine Resin - Trementina Resin - from the southwest United States (piñon resin, trementina de piñon, piñon pine resin) is a sacred resin commonly used by Native Americans.

It has been used to heal, to balance and clear energies, and for fertility, compassion and mental strength. Burn by itself, or combine with other incense resins for a meditative combination. It has a smooth Southwestern aroma and does not smell like other pine resins like colophony. Methods include burning, sachets, mixtures, and sprinkling.


Consult with a health care professional or reliable source for proper uses and possible warnings in regard to this product.

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