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Sea Witch Botanicals
The Witches Sage

Sea Witch Botanicals - Green Fairy Incense Sticks

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Green Fairy (formerly Absinthe): Star Anise Incense Sticks - 25 Sticks

Aroma Profile: Star Anise

Associations: Spirit / The Ether / Everywhere & Nowhere / Throat & Crown Chakras

Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo

Your senses will delight in our Absinthe incense featuring the unmistakable aroma of star anise. Drink in the sweet, luxurious scent of black licorice. Ingredients: essential oil (star anise), charcoal, tree resin, bamboo stick

Do not leave incense, candles and/or charcoal disks burning unattended.

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