Hamsa Pendant
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Hamsa Pendant

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Hamsa Hand Pendant

Pendant is bronze zinc alloy.

Pendant is 1-3/8" x 7/8".

Necklace measures 18" with a lobster claw.

The hamsa, or hamsa hand, is a talisman from the ancient Middle East. In its most common form, the amulet is shaped like a hand with three extended fingers in the middle and a curved thumb or pinky finger on either side. It is thought to protect against the “evil eye." It is used in many decorative forms such as wall hangings, but most often in the form of jewelry--necklaces or bracelets. The hamsa is most often associated with Judaism, but is also found in some branches of Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and other traditions, and has also been adopted by modern New Age spirituality.


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