The Witches Sage

Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)

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Author: Scott Cunningham

Brand: AzureGreen

Edition: 1st


  • Handbook of contemporary folk magic
  • More than 75 spells, rituals and ceremonies
  • Detailed instructions for designing your own spells
  • Promotes a natural and positive practice

ISBN: 0875421318

Number Of Pages: 240

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications


“A treasure trove of practical magic for both novices and more experienced practitioners . . . beautifully crafted spells that invoke the alchemy of possibility.”―PanGaia 

A leaf from an oak tree . . . a wildflower . . . water from a sparkling stream . . . dirt from a cool dark cave―these are the age-old tools of natural magic. Born of the earth, possessing inherent power, they await only our touch and intention to bring their magical qualities to life. 

The four elements are powerful magical tools. Using their energies, we can transform ourselves, our lives, and our world. This much-loved, classic guide offers more than seventy-five spells, rites, and simple rituals you can perform using the marvelous powers of the natural world.

Scott Cunningham was a greatly respected teacher and one of the most influential members of the modern Craft movement. A practitioner of elemental magic for twenty years, he wrote more than fifty books, including the seminal Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.

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