The Witches Sage


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For many women and men, to reclaim the word Witch is to reclaim one’s self and their relationship to the Great Mother.

It is crucial we reclaim ourselves and the beauty, power, heritage of the word Witch. A witch’s purpose is the very earth we need to save.

Witches love the earth, and worship nature. I repeat, Nature, not Satan. The latter is a myth — including that we are wart-on-nose Halloween-mask-scary ugly — that we owe to patriarchal Hollywood movies.

Truth is, witches are as beautiful as nature herself and do no harm. Many live by the rule of three, a karmic understanding that everything they do comes back to them threefold. The more we kill the earth, the more we kill ourselves.

For as long as we can remember, we have been taught to fear ourselves as well as nature. Witches however, relish their wild nature and align themselves with the cycles of the earth and the phases of the Moon.

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