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Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon

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Author: Kyrja

Brand: Schiffer Publishing

Edition: 1


  • Rupert s Tales The Wheel of the Year Beltane Litha Lammas and Mabon

ISBN: 0764336894

Number Of Pages: 64

Publisher: Schiffer

Details: A groundbreaking story that collects, commemorates, and illuminates traditional, sacred Pagan practices and beliefs in a fresh, contemporary, and whimsical style. Join Rupert the rabbit on his adventures as he sets out to discover how and why people leave their homes to celebrate seasonal holidays in the forest where he lives. As Rupert's journey unfolds throughout the seasons, he meets owls, fairies, and old friends who teach him about the Wheel of the Year. Beautifully illustrated, this book is an excellent starting point for young children being raised within the loose structure of the various Pagan traditions. You don't have to be Pagan to be enchanted by Rupert and the magick found in his tales.

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