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Triple Moon Pentagram Altar Cloth 21" x 21"
New Age Imports

Triple Moon Pentagram Altar Cloth 21" x 21"

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Purple rayon Triple Moon Pentagram altar cloth - 21" x 21"

Triple moon altar cloth has both gold and silver detailed design on color background. These are excellent for altar, hung ornamentally or as a small scarf accent. The energy of the triple phases of moon are for every aspect for help, bounty, and awareness. 100% rayon (satin) 21" x 21".

Would make a wonderful gift or added to your own personal spiritual space. The three female figures are frequently described as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each of which symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle and a phase of the moon, and often rules one of the realms of earth, underworld, and the heavens

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