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Banjara Incense


Hello Humans!


In today’s fast paced fabricated lives, the words ‘natural and organic’ are trending like  never before. However, to us, at Banjara, they are the very basis of our world.  Welcome to the world of Banjara, that existed then, trends today and if you believe in the purity of nature, it is also the tomorrow of our lives! Introducing to you and the world, for the very first time, the ‘Banjara-Ethno-Tribal’ series of fragrances that are created amidst Mother Nature with the omnipresent Divine Grace.

Unravelling the journey of Banjara Aztec Series – An Ethno Tribal Incense Series:

For what began as a quest for creating the purest fragrances imbibed with natural wellness for the living, became a passionate and relentless search for creating fragrances that transform the world with something so pure that it has probably never been experienced on planet earth. In pursuit of this, we do not know when hours became days, days became weeks and weeks became months, and finally when it dawned upon us that we had it all together, we knew we had a pristine product that was worthy of life itself! A product that is an ultimate combination of craftsmanship in design and purest ingredients of nature, that shall leave you smellbound (read: spellbound!).

Team Banjara