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Customer Reviews

The Witches Sage Customer Reviews
Based on 80 reviews
Wood Spice Incense

These smell amazing! Will be ordering more.


I love this little cauldron! It's the perfect size for everyday rituals.

Nicely made

Smells great also and fast arrival.

Velvet pouch - Triquetra
Kristen Higgins
Love it

Great products and fast delivery thankyou

Product use

How is this product used

It can be used for love, protection, courage, and to drive away evil. Use in sachets for love, courage, and potency or add to the bath. Add to holy water and sprinkle around the room to drive off negative influences.


My goodness, I am in love! Such a refreshing and vibrate scent. Not overbearing at all. Feeling of peace.

I love it!

It's beautiful. It has a nice weight to it. It's exactly what I expected.

It's a bell

Came with a lead ball but it can be easily changed out. So that's a big pluse as soon as I order a gem stone bead that corresponds to its purpose. Thank you.


I like this one

Doves blood ink

Thank you witches Sage This ink came Just in time thank you so much

Bats blood ink

Thank you so much witches Sage I never use this kind of ink and I never used bats blood ink before I am new to quills and ink so I hope I can do this thank you witches sage

Healing herbal spell mix

Thank you so much witches sage it smells really good I do have a spell in mind thank you so much witches sage

Dragons blood ink

Thank you so much witches Sage this ink came just in time I never used this kind of ink before so I hope I can write with a quill I did try to use a quill and it is hard so I am going to take my time and learn how to write with quill the right way thank you so much witches sage

Licorice root

I like it I have to find something to put it in and it smells really good thank you so much witches sage

Mojo wish bean

Thank you witches sage these beans are so cool family and friends love them thank you so much witches sage

Lucky hand root

Thank you witches Sage I did order this before and I have good use for this. Thank you again


Thank you witches Sage it does smell really good I do have use for this thank you again

Green man door knocker

I love it / it is so cool I want so bad to put this on my front door we are going to be moving and I do not want to have to leave it on the front door of this house thank you so much witches Sage I love it so much

Nurturing goddess

I had to buy another one because the first one broke I was able to glue it back together thanks goodness for that thank you witches sage for everything

Jericho flowers

I love this I think I’ll get more I put the flower in water and not even 1 or 2 and it started to open up take a look thank you so much witches sage your are the best

I love this website

I love everything from this site, I always order incense, herbs, candles.
Shipping is lovely as well

A Hit!

Thank you for my sample, this scent is definitely delightful! I will purchase.


I was trying to get cast of evil and the description was to break up with unwanted relationship I don't understand why it was giving the description of break up please explain thanks

Porcupine quill

I love it I never used a quill before this will be my first time and to use a porcupine quill will be so fun I love it so much thank you witches sage so much