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Namaste India Incense

In the year 1956, Mr. P. V. Subbaiah Shetty started an Agarbathi company called ‘’Sri Srinivasa Agarbathi Company in Chintamani, a small town near Bangalore & in 1957 shifted to Bangalore city. 29 years later, it was rebranded into ‘’Orkay Fragrance’’ with trademark ‘’Snake Brand’’ . Over the years, we’ve changed our name and location but not our identity. With over 60+ years of deep-rooted experience in the field of Incense Chemistry, our brand is authentic, pure, and premium.

Agarbathi has a base in Ayurveda, Meditation, Holiness and more, and we’ve used that in our products to maintain it’s heritage. We believe in providing a wide range of high-quality agarbathi, ones that light up the house and the soul. We are also proud to mention that we manufacture the world’s most expensive and exclusive agarbathi, which is perfect for special occasions and gifting.