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We're a family owned small business. Working with our New Age / Metaphysical store brand means receiving our in-house items and being part of a collaborative community. This will depend on your knowledge of the products we carry and how long you've been with us. Incense is our biggest selling product, and this will be what is gifted at the beginning of our working relationship. The brand and scent you choose will be sent to you to promote. Each box will have approximately 8-20 sticks per pack. Once you've established our brand through the different channels you may use, determined by sales, we'll then move onto different items, incense burners, candles & candle holders, tarot/oracle, statues, ect... Being that we're new to using Collabs/influencers/Creators, this will definitely be a work in progress for us. Blessings, Thomas & Shailee

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