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Nikhil Incense

"Nikhil Products" was established in the year 1986. In a very short span of time what started as a small entrepreneurial venture has now grown to become a recognized home of quality incense sticks, cones, dhoops & incense powder. To-date, we have been personally involved in the critical areas of material management, designing our wide range of exotic fragrances and above all quality control of our products. This lends our incenses, that often-missing element of the personal touch and sets us apart. 

Indian Incense is known as agarbattī in Hindi. Each of our incense stick is hand rolled on a bamboo stick which symbolize the  ancient art of making agarbathies in India commonly known as incense sticks world wide. Two different types of Incense sticks are manufactured by us - 

1.      Black Incense  - Using the age old traditional charcoal sticks, which are manually dipped into unique & exotic fragrances and are allowed to dry naturally. 

2.      Masala Incense(Natural incense stick) - We have mastered and have the widest range to offer in this artistic incense sticks. Here, the mixture of the fragrant dough containing proportionate natural aromatic products like pure resins, herbs, essential oils, attar, etc. is hand rolled on to the bamboo stick. These sticks are later allowed to dry under sunlight.