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The Witches Sage

Incense Matches

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What is an Incense Match?

Exactly what it sounds like! Lights like a match. Burns like incense. Easy to carry and an easy air freshener. Follow the directions inside each book. You light the match let it burn down a ¼ inch and blow it out. Now it becomes a stick of incense, emitting one of our 16 fragrances. Place it in a shallow ashtray and enjoy.  The Incense Match eliminates odors and refreshes the air anywhere. Eliminate embarrassing bathroom odors at home and travel. Great for cars, kitchens, wherever you want to add a fragrance or eliminate an odor.

French Vanilla


Oriental Blossom


Smooth, creamy vanilla inspired by the cafés of Paris.


The heartwarming and nostalgic aroma of rich spicy stone ground cinnamon.


A fusion of blossom inspired by the royal gardens of the far east.


A sweet, warm, and woody aroma that is sensual and romantic. 





Clean, crisp scent with floral notes. 


A softened blend of red, black, and yellow hollyberries with a hint of clove.


The exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers. Sweet, exotic and richly floral.


Get in touch with your inner bohemian with this exotic earthy allure.





An eclectic blend of natural scents made up of various flowers and herbs.


A single note of fresh strawberries. Sweet and tart.


A straight and lovely coconut fragrance inspired by memories beyond the pacific.


A comfortable and velvety fragrance with a warm, sweet, woody note.

Goddess of Egypt




Sultry, warm and feminine. A base of exotic aromas with a hint of flowers.


A delicate blend of carefully selected light spices.


A piney natural scent with sweet berry notes.  


This traditional holiday fragrance is deep, smoky and rich. 

Do not leave candles and/or charcoal disks burning unattended. Always keep candles in a safe place away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Use a fire safe dish or plate to set candles on.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Incense Matches

Beautiful scents. I like the convenience of carrying them with me. These matches really do kill “human odors.” My favorites are these Patchouli and Musk.

margo dueber

when i had a retail store, i carried these. loved them and haven't been able to find them easily. the response from the beginning was very quick and the process was easy. thanks BIG!!!

Shannon Provost
Love these matches!

Perfect for keeping your shared bathroom a pleasant place for all:) My favorite scent is Bayberry! They were shipped out and at my door within 3 days. Will definitely purchase again. Thanks guys!

Ruth Bertges
Love these matches

Have had these for many years in the 70’s we all had them on the pack of are toilets. Fun and nostalgic for me. Going to give some for a little Christmas cheer. Will buy more when I run out. Best little in scent ever. Glad I as able to fine them

Great Find

Great, hard to find incense scent, found it here. Lovely aroma.

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