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Padmini Incense

In 1987, when the Founders at Padmini Aromatics learned of the difficulties and costs involved in manufacturing high value aroma chemicals they set about developing high end technological solutions to make high quality specialty chemicals available at economical prices.

Today, Padmini Aromatics is setting a new standard across the industry for making specialty chemicals available at economical prices. Built on the core principles of trust, innovation, customer-success, and resourcefulness Padmini Aromatics has gained the reputation of being the number one manufacturer of specialty chemicals in India. Padmini aromatics aims to develop complex technologies to make specialty chemicals available at economical prices.

Specialty aroma chemicals is in our DNA. Our team includes experienced scientists, researchers, perfumers, and engineers that have a deep understanding and appreciation for the complexity involved in creating a high value specialty chemical. A focused research and development team specializes in understanding every detailed aspect of an aroma molecule while continuing to explore the chemistry behind new fragrances. Development and manufacturing are both aided by cutting-edge automation that seamlessly merges precision and operational efficiency. The success of our innovative processes and technology is reflected in the company being the first to manufacture Lokanol and high purity crystals of Padmamber at economical prices.

Our team delivers “white glove” service starting with a smooth and easy on-boarding process and round the clock support and availability. Customers can receive product within weeks (many in days) of placing their first order as opposed to months. We would love to work with you to meet and manage your aroma chemical needs.