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Jezebel Root Pieces Herbs 1oz

Jezebel Root Pieces Herbs 1oz

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Jezebel Root Pieces (Picea) 1oz.

Jezebel root is most often used by women to attract wealthy men (and their generosity), to help in receiving better tips and raises or in the Curse of Jezebel. Jezebel root is from the iris plant and can be found, for the most part, world wide. The Jezebel root is commonly associated with the “Curse of the Jezebel”. Jezebel root is said to have special magical properties that pertain to women who use it though the curse can be performed by men or women. Put our vast knowledge of roots and herbs to work for you. Traditional uses include:Women in traditionally female professions (waitress, secretary, hairdresser, etc) carry for luck in money and wealth.The prime ingredient in placing the “Curse of Jezebel”.

  • The simplest spell with this root is a wishing spell. Simply write your wish on a piece of paper. Wrap it around a piece of jezebel root and tie it up with a natural cord. Carry this in your pocket until the wish comes true.
  • Due to its reputation many of the jezebel spells are used in attraction workings. A jezebel spell oil can be rubbed on your shoes (traditionally high heels) before going out in order to attract a rich man.
  • A simple spell for wealth and business success can be done by wrapping a piece of the root in a dollar bill. Consequently you then carry this with you when you have important meetings or contracts to sign. 

Consult with a health care professional or reliable source for proper uses and possible warnings in regard to this product.

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