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Orris Root Powder Herbs 1oz

Orris Root Powder Herbs 1oz

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Orris Root Powder 1oz (Iris germanica var.florentina)

Orris root has long been used in spells, rituals and charms designed to find or hold love, and messages. Orris is Iris the Greek Goddess - the rainbow. The root also has associations with feminine energy, wind, sea, underworld.

Orris root is obtained from a cultivar of iris often called Fleur-de-lis and can take up to five years to dry and age properly, after which the material smells like violet flowers.

Iris root powder is a common fixative in potpourri and perfumes and is also used to flavor gin. Orris root is also used as an ingredient found in natural toothpastes, body powders and in other cosmetics.

origin eastern europe
active compounds Starch, resin, triterpenes, isoflavonoids, zanthones, resin, tannin, crystalline orris camphor, myristic acid iron, methyl myristate, oleic acid, esters, xanthones, irone, iridin.
plant part used root
processing powder

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