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Rose Petals

Rose Petals Herbs

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Rose Petals (Rosa Centifolia) 2oz

Magickal uses include divine love, close friendships, domestic peace/happiness, and lasting relationships. Great for use in incense, potpourri or bath Magick. Place around sprains and dark bruises to help them heal faster.

Our edible dried rose petals are a good source of vitamin C, add a colorful addition to tea blends, and you can buy dried roses to add color to potpourri mixes. Our bulk dried rose petals and wholesale dried rose petals can be a great option for businesses that produce larger quantities of decorative, cosmetic or culinary products such as tea blends.

These brightly colored natural rose petals for sale come from the Dog Rose, a species of climbing rose native to Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. It is this species that is depicted in European art and coat of arms designs to indicate heraldry. The dog rose is also found at the center of plaster ceilings as a symbol that what is spoken in the room will be held in confidence. (Look up the next time you’re in a lawyer’s office or court room that resides in an old building.)

origin Pakistan
plant part used petals
processing whole

Herb Certification Glossary

Customer Reviews

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Frankie Lynn Acosta
Rose petal herbs

Absolutely love you can use in bath or grind up and use in sachets. Thank you 😊

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