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Arnica Flower - Whole

Arnica Flower - Whole Herbs 2oz

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Arnica Flower - Whole - (Heterotheca Inuloides) 2oz

Arnica Flowers, known as mountain tobacco, is used in magick to protect against low vibrational energies and spiritual attack. This herb is sometimes referred to as Wolfsbane and is a great herb to have in your witches cabinet to defend against those who are emotionally draining aka energy vampires.Perfect for empaths! Arnica Flowers are also commonly used during the pagan harvest festivals as offerings to ensure an abundant and successful harvest. Angelica root, known as the Angel of Herbs, is related to parsley, carrot and fennel. The fragrant herb is added to teas and seasonings for a celery-like flavor.

USES: Herbal preparations, burn in a loose incense blend, add to floor washes, ritual baths, use to dress spell candles, stuff poppets, or as a casting herb. As an herbal medicine, arnica flowers are used for inflammation, strains, bruises, and joint pain.

Origin Mexico
Active compounds Contains sesquiterpene lactones of the helenanolid type, predominantly ester derivatives of helenalin and 11,13-dihydrohelenalin. Additionally, the herb contains flavonoids (e.g., isoquercitrin, luteolin-7-glucoside, and astragalin), volatile oil (with thymol and its derivatives), phenol carbonic acid (chlorogenic acid, cynarin, caffeic acid), and coumarins (umbelliferone, scopoletin).
Plant part used Flowering tops. Arnica flower consists of the fresh or dried inflorescence.
Processing Whole arnica flowers

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