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Bat's Head Root

Bat's Head Root

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Bat's Head Root (Proboscidea Parviflora)

Folk Names: Bat Nut, Devil’s Claw Pod, Red Devil’s Claw, Double Pod, Cat’s Claw, Devil Pod, Vampire Root

Bat Head roots have a clearly defined face, mouth, and sharp horns – though the “root” is actually the seed pod of the Double Claw Plant.

Bat Head Roots are carried or hung for protection, or carried to move in secret during the night. Hang a Bat Head Root, anointed with Protection Oil or Fiery Wall of Protection Oil, near your door or window for protection; one may also carry the root in a red flannel bag for this purpose. Carry the root in a black mojo bag, alone or with Sea Spirit, to walk the night safely, and invisibly.

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