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Bay Leaves - Cut

Bay Leaves - Cut Herbs 2oz

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Bay Leaves (Laurus Nobilis) 2oz - cut 

Bay leaves also known as Laurus Nobilis or bay laurel and worn in ancient Greece as wreaths recognizing higher learning and athletics. Known for enhancing memory making it a great learning tool. Magically it is great for good fortune, success, strength, healing, psychic power, and under the pillow may give you prophetic dreams. Write your wish on the leaves and burn them to help them come true! Placing them in the corners of your room is said to keep your home protected. Store in a sealed container away from direct light, heat and moisture, can last for several years but may have color fading.

Origin Turkey
Active compounds Myrcene, eugenol, lauric acid
Plant part used Leaf
Processing Cut & Sifted

Herb Certification Glossary

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