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Cat's Claw Bark Cut Herbs

Cat's Claw Bark Cut Herbs

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Cat's Claw Bark cut (Uncaria Tomentosa) 1oz.

Known in South and Central American lore as a powerful aid for various uses, Cat's Claw Bark can also be an aid in mojo or other Magick. Cat’s Claw Bark is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. It is used for vision quests and shamanic journeying. It is great for money spells. use ground Cat’s claw along with a green candle to bring abundance into your life. Place a sachet containing Cat’s Claw Bark under your pillow to help with lucid dreaming.

Cat's Claw Bark has been honored by native tribes of Peru for its healing abilities and for the good spirits that live within the plant. Known as the sacred herb of the rain forest, Cat's Claw Bark used to restore the balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Cat's claw is a woody rainforest vine also cultivated in South and Central America. It is so-named because the plant, which can reach up to 100 feet in height, has curved thorns that resemble a cat's claws.

The dried and cut bark is used to make teas and tinctures.

Origin Peru
Active compounds Tannins, catechins and procyanidins, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol, carboxyl alkyl esters, ajmalicine, akuammigine, chlorogenic acid, cinchonain, corynantheine, corynoxeine, daucosterol, epicatechin, harman, hirsuteine, hirsutine, isopteropodine, loganic acid, lyaloside, isomitraphylline, oleanolic acid, palmitoleic acid, procyanidins, quinovic acid glycosides, isorhynchophylline, rhynchophylline, rutin, sitosterols, speciophylline, strictosidines, uncarine A thru F, and vaccenic acid
Plant part used Bark (inner)
Processing Cut & Sifted

Cat’s Claw Bark is NOT for use if you are pregnant. Always consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Herb Certification Glossary

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My first time use this okay smell like wood to me .

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