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Chamomile Flower Herbs

Chamomile Flower Herbs 2oz

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Chamomile Flower 2oz (Matricaria Recutita)

Particularly useful for those seeking good luck, Chamomile can be quite helpful when seeking love and prosperity. Its aromatic scent also helps soothe mind and body, making it useful for meditation. Chamomile is known as an herb of purification and protection, and can be used in incenses for sleep and meditation. Plant it around your home to ward against psychic or magical attack. If you're a gambler, wash your hands in chamomile tea to ensure good luck at the gaming tables. In a number of folk magic traditions, particularly those of the American south, chamomile is known as a lucky flower—make a garland to wear around your hair to attract a lover, or carry some in your pocket for general good fortune.

Origin Egypt
Plant part used Flower
Processing Powder
Agriculture Organic
Herb Certification Glossary

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frankie Lynn Acosta
Chamomile flower herbs

Love this cuz I can grind up and put in bath water or use for sachets. Thank you 😊


Great aromatic and beautiful flowers.

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