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Goddess Incense Burner

Goddess Incense Burner

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Goddess Brass Incense Burner 9"

Beautiful Goddess brass incense burner, use with cone or granular incenses.

Do not leave candles, oil burners, charcoal disks or incense burning unattended. Always keep in a safe place away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Use a fire safe dish or plate to set candles and burners on.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Bruzdowski
Disappointed received used!!!!

I had high hopes for this, as it's very beautiful! I just recieved my package today! And unfortunately this item was USED! the box was sealed, however upon opening it I saw a burnt piece of herb but didn't pay any mind until I saw the plastic it was wrapped in had gray blackish ashy tint to it, so I further decided to unwrap it then look inside and put my finger inside to swipe it and it surely enough was 100% USED because my finger came back dark gray almost black. Smells like sage was burned in it but not 100% sure considering the knife I was using to cut open my package decided to fly off the table and down my leg to hit the floor. So whatever it is the engery is high because I was nowhere around my knife and my friend was there to witness this, so I hope I didn't recieve someone's negative work because I opened up something maybe I shouldn't have! But out 39 products ordered, this one was the only issue, everything else is GREAT! Not sure how to go about this now, im hoping it's nothing bad since it was previously USED! And not sure what was burned in it for what type of rituals.

Hi Jessica,

I'm sorry that there's an issue with one of our products. We don't sell used items, never have. If you would've contacted us with your concerns, we would've explained to you that the inside of the burner lid has leftover residue (brass dust) from when the burner was heated during manufacturing, every single one we've ever sold has the same residue. As far as the smell goes, it smells exactly like brass dust should, and not burnt sage.
I would offer to send you another, yet unfortunately they're all the same. Again, if you would of contacted us before leaving a negative review, you would of been informed that we have a 100% return policy for most items, which this would fall under. What I'm going to do is refund the price of the burner, which you can keep.
As far as any negative energy you may of felt from the burner, that can be from anywhere, the person manufacturing the burner, or the person packaging the burner, this is why we have always recommended that you cleanse your items before use. It removes negative or unwanted energies and makes room for beneficial energies.


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