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Elder Flowers

Elder Flowers - Whole Herbs 2oz

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Elder Flowers - Whole (Matricaria Recutita) 2oz

The dried flowers, berries, leaves, or roots of Elder are used for Protection and to ward off both natural and unnatural illness. Place a pinch of any form of Elder in the four corners of the room and also in the room’s center -- or, alternatively, hang some Elder in bags above the front and back doors. This is said to provide protection against break-ins and also to shield one from prying eyes, both physical and spiritual.

Whole organic elder flower blooms on a small tree or shrub. Elder is in the honeysuckle family and native to North America and Asia. The delicate, white flowers have been used for centuries to make syrups and cordials, as well as tea, soup, wine, brandy and other beverages. This flower grows on the same shrub that produces elderberries.

Organic elder flowers are also combined with other herbs, such as chamomile, as ingredients in various hair and skin care preparations. The flowers were traditionally brewed as a tea for dry cough.

origin Albania
active compounds Phenolic acids, Sterols, Favanoids, Micilage, Tannins, Volatile oil, Triterpenes
plant part used Flower
processing Whole

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