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HEM Anti-Stress Incense Cones
The Witches Sage

HEM Anti-Stress Incense Cones

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HEM Anti-Stress Incense Cones - pack of 10

Used for inducing a peaceful night’s sleep, Anti-Stress pleasant scent also helps soothe anxiety and alleviate stress.

The gorgeous aroma from Anti Stress Incense Sticks from HEM will assist you to rest in a stressful environment, also suitable in discharging your energy as a holistic practitioner or as a Reiki healer.

Hem’s Healing Incense is traditionally made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils which are blended with love and care to assist you in the spiritual healing process.

Do not leave incense, candles and/or charcoal disks burning unattended.

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