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High John Powder Incense
The Witches Sage

High John Powder Incense 1oz

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High John powder incense 1oz

Just as you would carry High John the Conqueror root to overcome overwhelming odds against you, for legal matters, luck, money, gambling, personal power, success, physical strength, sexual prowess, and for men to attract women, you can burn High John incense for any magickal working related to these endeavors. Self igniting High John Powder Incense is a powerful aid within your magical crafts, with a smoke useful for spells of good luck, protection, and prosperity. 

High John was said to be an African slave, who through his intelligence, charisma, and magick, was always able to end up ruling his putative master and became a very wealthy man even though he was technically a slave. Just about every Caribbean island plus New Orleans claims High John as a resident or ancestor spirit. This root which is said to have been his main source of magickal power is a staple of HooDoo and Southern herb magick. The root comes from Mexico, so the original High John may have consulted with Mexican Native American magicians to find a substitute for his African power herb. The vine resembles Morning Glory.


Consult with a health care professional or reliable source for proper uses and possible warnings in regard to this product.

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