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Lemon Balm Leaf

Lemon Balm Leaf - Cut Herbs 2oz

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Lemon Balm Leaf - Cut 2oz (Melissa Officinalis)

Common uses are, Dispel Darkness and Grief- Use this herb in a sachet or incense blend to move past grief and loss. Accelerate Rapid Growth - If you want a new project or goal to take off quickly, try incorporating this fresh, youthful herb into your magical life. For wisdom - Add this herb to sachets, brews, and oil infusions to increase sagacity in your affairs. Particularly when met with a crossroads or major life decision, lemon balm aids clear thinking and judgement. In spells for joy- Use this herb as a substitute for lemon in spells for happiness, joy and jubilation. Its aromatic properties give it a similar metaphysical energy to lemon. Take a cleansing ritual bath - If you periodically indulge in ritual baths, this herb makes a great addition to a bath for clearing away negativity and psychic junk.

Lemon balm, also known as Sweet Melissa, is a perennial member of the mint family native to Europe and the Mediterranean region.

This herb has a long history of recorded use dating more than 2,000 years. Theophrastus, scholar and student of Aristotle and Plato, referred to the plant as “honey leaf,” perhaps a reference to the plant being a highly attractive to bees. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans dedicated lemon balm to the goddess of the hunt, known by name as Artemis and Diana, respectively.

origin europe
plant part used leaf
processing cut & sifted

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Great for spells and such!

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