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Licorice Root - Cut

Licorice Root - Cut Herbs 2oz

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Licorice Root cut 2oz

Licorice root has long been associated with lust, passion, love & fidelity and is often added as offerings in spell or ritual work for these goals. In a connected purpose in Voodoo & Hoodoo traditions it is often used to control others and is added to inks and mojo bags for this purpose. Licorice also has connections to water, Venus, and feminine energy.

When it comes to the magical uses of licorice root, one of its greatest qualities is its ability to bind and heighten power in spell work. While this can be a huge positive, it can get especially tricky when it comes to intention. This is not a matter of what good magic or bad magic is as much as it pertains to the results the user wants. The power of persuasion is one rarely mastered, although licorice root is certainly a great equalizer and has a good amount of oomf. When it comes to conjuring, it is a very assertive plant and Hoodoo practitioners have utilized licorice in commanding, mind-altering and control spells for generations. This can be anywhere from giving a push to a possible employer during an interview, winning your way through a spousal disagreement or just changing someone’s mind on a smaller scale.

Licorice, also called sweet root, is a member of the pea family that is native to Asia and southern Europe. The root of the plant contains glycyrrhizin, a compound that is up to 50 times sweeter than table sugar.

The root, which is harvested from second or third year specimens, is dried for use in making teas, infusions and decoctions.

origin India
active compounds Asparagin, Flavonoids, Triterpene saponins, Sterols, Coumarins, Polysaccharides
plant part used root
processing cut & sifted

Herb Certification Glossary

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Licorice root

I like it I have to find something to put it in and it smells really good thank you so much witches sage

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