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Lobelia - Cut

Lobelia - Cut Herbs 1oz

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Lobelia Cut (Lobelia Inflata) 1oz 

Native Americans used Lobelia across the continent for many purposes. In many modern spirit traditions it can be used to banish malevolent spirits, negative energies, ghosts and help enhance positive energy. A good ingredient for mojo, gris gris, or protection pillow. This versatile herb is native to North America and has strong presence in American folk magic. Native American traditions use Lobelia as a medicinal plant, and for dreamworking, trance and spirit work. It is considered a feminine, Water element plant and good for weather magick and love magick. It has a dual purpose, can be used for both beneficent and malevolent spells.

Consult with a health care professional or reliable source for proper uses and possible warnings in regard to this product.

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