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Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf - Cut Herbs 2oz

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Nettle Leaf - Cut Herbs 2oz

Nettle Leaf (“Stinging Nettle”) is an ancient herb of protection and healing. When fresh, Nettles have tiny hairs that irritate the skin—hence their reputation as a protective hedge plant. (The dried leaves do not sting.) Nettles are used in reversal and defensive Magick, to remove evil or send it back to its source. Nettle is used extensively for energetic protection. When suffering from illness whether physical or emotional, place the dried herb nearby to assist in recovery.  Use nettle in rituals to clear away unproductive or negative energy and to clear the aura.

Nettle thrives in woodlands and shady areas throughout Europe and eastern North America. It is also called stinging nettle because the leaves are lined with stinging hairs that inject histamine into the skin when handled or brushed against. The herb is highly nutritious and it’s medicinal use can be traced back to the ancient world.

Cut and sifted Nettle leaf is commonly used in herbal tea blends, although it is also frequently encapsulated or tinctured.

origin USA
active compounds Glucoquinone, Calcium, Silicic acid, Potassium, iron, Flavonoids, Amines, Phenols, Sterols
plant part used Leaf
processing Cut & sifted

Herb Certification Glossary


 Consult with a healthcare professional or reliable source for proper uses and possible warnings in regard to this product.

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