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Pair Of Adam and Eve Root
The Witches Sage

Pair Of Adam and Eve Root

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The Adam & Eve Root is magical herb used in rituals for love & attraction. To strengthen your current relationship the male lover carries the Adam Root (shaped like a stick) and the female lover carries the Eve Root (shape is round). These roots will keep the love that binds you strong. These roots can also be used to create a powerful amulet for attraction. Carry both of the roots in a red bag and anoint daily dressed with Attraction or Come to Me oil to attract love and eliminate competition for someone's heart.

Customer Reviews

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The collection is beautiful
But there should be an option for the Chat with seller if any client wants to ask directly instead of sending emails and.all
It ll help you nd us to save the time
And will make more business to you

As i want Adam eve pairs in bulk and i am searching the chat option in your website
But I didn't find it
Sending emails or feeding email details most of the people avoid bcoz they start getting emails nd want to avoid the spamming

Hope you understand my concern
If there is any other way of communication plz update me

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