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Spell Breaker Incense Powder
The Witches Sage

Spell Breaker Incense Powder

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Spell Breaker Incense Powder

Burn Spell Breaker Incense Powder to shatter a spell or hex that might have been put upon you. Spell Breaker Incense is the perfect solution for those of you who feel as though you have been targeted by the negative energy of another person or power. Use Spell Breaker Incense Powder to help reverse hexes, curses, jinxes, spells and crossed conditions. Whether you have been affected by the Evil Eye, the target of malicious intentions or simply have been affected by bad energy.

There are countless ways you can use Spell Breaker Incense. You may simply burn some in every corner of your house. Mix a bit with some salt and place it outside your home entrance. Take a broom and sweep it outward, away from your home. To smoke yourself, burn some incense on a charcoal and use your hand to slowly push the smoke down your body. Burn some while taking a spiritual bath. Place some in a bowl with some kosher salt and keep it under your bed (no burning is necessary in this technique). To dispel the Evil Eye, use your hand to push the smoke over the crown of your head. Burning some during the waning moon to rid yourself of negative energy or simply burn some by the entrance of your front door to prevent unwanted energies from entering the home. You may also, of course, burn some incense during any type of spell breaking ritual.

Start with a small amount in your cauldron or other fireproof container and please burn carefully. Keep away from pets, children & winds.

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