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Triloka Vanilla Perfume Oil

Triloka Vanilla Perfume Oil

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Triloka Vanilla Perfume Oil, 1 Dram Bottle (1/8 FL OZ)

Triloka Perfume oils are exotic blends including essential oils, extracts, plant, and flower essences. No animal products; no alcohol. Use as a perfume or in a fragrance diffuser. For external use only. Attributes: Comforting

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Description:

Triloka Essential Oils are 100% pure, and are commonly used for fragrance and therapeutic purposes such as reducing anxiety, relieving headaches, improving mood, and more. They are also the basis for our Perfumes and sachets, blended with extracts, plant, and flower essences.

What is Perfume Oil?

Perfume oils are typically used on the skin as a substitute for alcohol-based perfumes, as a more natural and therapeutic alternative. Our oils are made using essential oils and pure plant and flower extracts.

Essential Oil-based perfumes versus alcohol-based perfumes
  • Non drying
  • Longer-lasting scent vs standard perfumes
  • Less chemicals
  • Better for those with scent and chemical sensitivities
The many benefits of perfume oils:
Natural Ingredients

100% plant based

Fragrant Aromatherapy

Naturally fragrant mood enhancer


Higher concentration of oil-based fragrance

Uses: Use Perfume Oils as a more natural and therapeutic alternative to alcohol-based perfumes.

  • Apply a few drops to your pulse points as desired.
  • Pulse Points are the warmest spots on your body including your wrist and behind your ears. These points allow the fragrance to diffuse more naturally and last longer.
  • For external use only, keep away from children and pets.
Storing Incense:
  • For the longevity and potency of our Perfume Oil, we recommend securely tightening the lid on the bottle after each use.


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