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Ultrasonic Diffuser: Dream Catcher, White Metal

Ultrasonic Diffuser: Dream Catcher, White Metal

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Dream Catcher - Ultrasonic Diffuser

Originating in the First Nations and Native American cultures, the Dreamcatcher is considered by many to be a talisman of protection against nightmares. This image creates a perfect segue for discussing the whole body’s wellness, promoting the idea that the mind and spirit are as important as the physical body. These sleek and attractive metal diffusers will delight with their intricate metal design and 7 different LED colors in one unit.

  • Continuous Mist (Last approx. 3-4 Hours)
  • 7 LED colors - You can choose to rotate all colors, or select the color of your choice.
  • Auto shut-off when water runs out.
  • Comes with AC adapter.

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