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Ultrasonic Diffuser: Goddess, Black Metal

Ultrasonic Diffuser: Goddess, Black Metal

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Goddess - Ultrasonic Diffuser

The CeltsHonored Goddesses of nature and natural forces, as well as those connected with skills and professions such as healing, warfare and poetry. The Celtic goddesses have diverse qualities such as abundance, creation and beauty. With a handsome cylindrical shape and the ancient symbol of immortality and fertility, these powerful diffusers are sure to help calm both body and mind. You'll will fall in love with its customizable LED lights that provide the perfect touch to set the mood of a room. 

  • Continuous Mist (Last approx. 3-4 Hours)
  • 7 LED colors - You can choose to rotate all colors, or select the color of your choice.
  • Auto shut-off when water runs out.
  • Comes with AC adapter.

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