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Vesta Ritual Powder

Vesta Ritual Powder 2 oz.

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Vesta ritual powder is used to honor Vesta, the Goddess of the hearth, the sacred fire, and maternity. Use it to honor her, and help drive away evil spirits, energy, and intention.

Place 1/2 teaspoon of Vesta Powder in an incense burner or metal ash tray and light with a long match. The vesta powder will produce a quick flame followed by fog of smoke fumes to quickly dispel any bad vibrations, spirits or evil influences.
You may also sprinkle around the room where a ritual is to take place to strengthen the energies.

Magickal Uses: Dispel Evil - Dispel Negatives - Dispel Spirits - Dispel Evil Influences - Dispel Bad Vibrations - Stop Gossip - Call Upon Goddess Vesta - Strengthen Ritual Work - Youthfulness - Purity - Innocence

Use in a sachet for the illusion of youthfulness, purity and innocence.
Keep powder away from heat. Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from children. Vesta Powder is very powerful so use it carefully and sparingly. 2 oz.

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