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White Oak Bark Powder

White Oak Bark Powder - Course Herbs 2oz

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White Oak Bark Powder 2oz (Quercus alba) - Course

With oaks used by Celts as gateway between worlds, White Oak bark is believed to aid in the creation of such portals. It is also being explored as a dietary aid, with many vitamins and minerals. White Oak bark may assist with protection, fertility, removing negative magic, and hex breaking.

White oak is distributed throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada, although it does occur further west as evidenced by the fact it is the state tree of Connecticut, Maryland and Illinois. For centuries, the wood of the tree has been used to build ships, wine barrels and authentic mission-style furniture.

White oak powdered bark, which contains up to 20% tannins, potassium, iron and vitamin B-12, is added to tonics and teas or is encapsulated. The herb is also used to make astringent washes and pastes for topical use.

Check with your doctor before using this herb if you have a kidney or bladder condition or take diuretic drugs.

origin albania
active compounds Tannins
plant part used bark
processing powder
sustainability wild crafted

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