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White Sage, Blue Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge Stick 4"

White Sage, Blue Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge Stick 4"

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White Sage, Blue Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge Stick 4"

These Smudge Sticks are especially useful in clearing the atmosphere in and around your home or space, dispersing negative energy, providing protection, healing, prosperity and abundance. They will produce a lot of soothing smoke that is very refreshing.

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) can also be used to smudge a person for health (for distance healing, smudge a photo of the person or visualize them). Sage is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the element of Air. Its day is Thursday, its astrological sign is Pisces and corresponding crystals are Amethyst, Turquoise and Sapphire.

Blue Sage also known as "Grandmother Sage” is a purifying herb.Blue Sage is a hardy bush found in the deserts of the Southwest. It’s named for its abundant blue flowers, but the leaves also have a blue-ish cast. It has thin leaves and a fragrance that is both herbaceous and floral, similar to Lavender. A close relative of White Sage, Blue Sage is also good for healing and cleansing rituals. Its soothing, relaxing smell can be used to aid meditation, or burned simply for enjoyment.

Yerba Santa is a diverse herb used for medicinal and spiritual practices by Native American tribes for centuries. The Spanish named it “Holy Herb” for its success in treating respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, coughs and allergies plus its ability to eliminate mucus and phlegm from the body. This energetic herb is also used to reduce bloating and gas, to assist in elimination, to treat external conditions such as bruises bites and is said to aid rheumatic pain. Yerba Santa is also good for protection and setting boundaries.


PLEASE NOTE: Bundles may have variation in color and browning as drying process occurs.

All natural sage products are placed in plastic bags for transportation. They are not intended to be kept in the plastic bags. To prevent mold please keep in room temperature, not in extreme temperatures and not in sealed packages.

How to Use Your Smudge

The goal with smudging is not to have flames but smoke. It is the smoke that purifies and cleanses.

So once it is lit, use your hand or breath to blow the flame out if it doesn't go out on its own.

Do not leave incense, candles and/or charcoal disks burning unattended. Always keep candles in a safe place away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Use a fire safe dish or plate to set candles on.

Then wave the smoke around whatever it is you'd like to purify. A feather or group of feathers is a traditional way to do this.

As the smoke moves around and up to the sky, imagine releasing whatever is not in your best interests. Let it go on the smoke. The sacred smoke will take these energies back to the Source, where they will be transformed into positive energy again.

You can pray and sing for the cleansing that you desire.

You will want to keep a bowl of sand or earth nearby. When you are done smudging, bury the burning end completely . . . Check back to make sure it is completely out.

This bowl is also useful for tapping loose burning embers into.

Fire Safety

Since you are burning things, be sure to use a fire-safe cauldron or other device. Putting sand in the bottom is a good idea. Also be aware of flammables nearby. Cloth underneath, or in a dangling sleeve, for example, can ignite from the heat.

If smudging indoors, excessive smoke will set off a smoke detector.

If smudging outdoors, be very careful in the dry season. A grass fire or forest fire is too much smudge for anyone!

Be aware that sparks do fall off, and can burn clothing, altar cloths, floors, etc. So use with caution.

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