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White Sage Smudge Cones

White Sage Smudge Cones 1"H

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100 % Natural White Sage Smudge Cones. Made with pure White Sage leaves which is grounded into powder, mixed with natural wood and gums to combine the mix into cone shape. These small smudge cones are 1"H - approximate burn time 10-15 minutes. Quantity of 2 smudge cones.

Sage as an herb and incense has also been used in many other cultures, who also agreed that the herb has magical purifying, and clearing abilities. In addition earth workers also use sage as part of a benevolent working as sage is also reputed to encourage a wealth of positive energy to flow. Today sage is one of the tools of choice for many light workers during healing both before and after a healing session.

Burning Instructions: Light the tip of the incense cone. Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Your cone should glow red and give off a delicate wisp of pale fragrant smoke indicating that it's slowly burning or smoldering. Place on/in a cone burner.

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Love it.

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