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Pagan books for beginners to experienced practitioners

Pagan books for beginners to experienced practitioners

Here we're trying to introduce you to various Pagan based books and their authors. Obviously we couldn't list every book, yet we believe this list is a good start. If you believe an author should be added to this list, please comment so we can research the author and their book. Blessings...


Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices
by Pete Jennings
Paganism, which has its roots in the ancient nature religions, is one of the fastest growing movements in the West today. As such, it is a collection of “spiritual paths” that express their beliefs in subtly different ways, explored here in this illuminating guide. Discover the natural beliefs and practices of Wicca, Hedgewitch traditions, Druidry, Shamanism, Asatru, Mystery Groups, and Eclectic Paganism—as well as the Pagan approach to magic and the significance of sacred lives. Learn how to lead a Pagan lifestyle, and explore the growing role of Paganism in today’s world. Whether you’re setting out on a Pagan path for the first time, or have been committed to one for many years, this informative book will help you in expressing your own beliefs and understanding those of others.


John Halstead (Editor), Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans
Even in pagan antiquity, there were those who, while participating in the community's religious life, did not believe in literal gods. In the centuries that followed the Christian domination of the West, the epithet "godless pagan" was leveled at a wide variety of people. In the 1960s, there emerged a community of people who sought to reclaim the name "pagan" from its history of opprobrium. These Neo-Pagans were interested in nature spirituality and polytheism, and identified with the misunderstood and persecuted pagans of antiquity. While many Pagans today believe in literal gods, there are a growing number of Pagans who are "godless." Today, the diverse assemblage of spiritual paths known as Paganism includes atheist Pagans or Atheopagans, Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans, Buddho-Pagans, animists, pantheists, Gaians, and other non-theistic Pagans. Here, their voices are gathered together to share what it means to be Pagan and godless.



The Art of Ritual takes you through every step of ritual format from the basics to the more unusual. What ritual is, how to create it, work with it and all the different aspects and stages of putting a ritual together and how to get the best out of it whether you are a solitary or within a group. From set up through the entire process including the cake...this book covers just about all you should need to know to give you the best ritual experience. Drawn from the author's own teachings and experiences this book also shares a variety or different ritual scripts and suggestions along with those from members of her coven.


A book of conversations with prominent Druids from across Britain, the USA and other countries whose voices describe the basic beliefs, practices and struggles of the emerging Druid faith. Conducted in person and online in the late 20th century, these collected conversations provide a historic window into the movers and shakers of the modern Druid world. A Legacy Of Druids is a solid resource for those interested in the history of modern Druidry and more about the lives of those who have made the community what it is today.


What does it mean to live as a Pagan in this uncertain world of climate change, economic hardship and worldwide social injustice? What does it mean to hold nature as sacred when ravaging the land is commonplace? How do we live our Paganism in our families and homes, our communities and countries? Pagans are stepping up in all kinds of ways. This is a Moon Books community project, sharing the energy and inspiration of people who are making a difference at whatever level makes sense to them. This is a book of grass-roots energy, of walking your talk and the tales of people who are, by a vast array of means, engaged with being the change they wish to see in the world.


Full of practical applications for both the circle and the home, The Witch’s Athame shows you how to utilize the ritual blade to its highest potential. Discover everything you need to know about finding the right athame, personalizing and consecrating it, and using it in your practice. Tracing this impressive tool from ancient times to the present day, The Witch’s Athame presents the symbolism, history, and modern uses of the ritual blade. Also featured throughout are “Getting to the Point,” short segments of wisdom by knowledgeable writers. From contemporary athames made of stone and crystal to folklore about knives in magic, this book helps enhance your Craft and appreciation of such a versatile tool.


An in-depth manual for practicing Fairy Witchcraft including theology, fairy lore, rituals, holidays, and magical practices. This book aims to pick up where Pagan Portals - Fairy Witchcraft leaves off and teach interested people the comprehensive practice of this system of honoring the Fair Folk and liminal Gods by blending the old Fairy Faith with modern paganism.


You might expect Uprooted to be an exploration of the imagery and mythology of the Green Man, but that isn’t really what this book is about. It’s more a memoir of Lyon’s own philosophical journey to discover contemporary nature-based spirituality, and the various adventures and musings she has on the way. We read of the author’s shamanic vision quests, her idea to start a sex cult in middle England, her scathing criticism of the works of Aleister Crowley,  various antics at hippie-filled festivals, and her interpretation of tree-worship. This results in a book that’s a very eclectic mix of ideas – and fortunately, thanks to Lyon’s skills as a writer, it’s all entertaining. Her writing is profound yet funny and poignant without being sentimental. It’s a joy to read. Humorous, intelligent and quirky, Uprooted offers a fresh and personal insight into one of Britain’s most beloved Neopagan icons, and the socio-political context in which he has developed. A welcome addition to any Green Man fan’s literary collection.


Pagan Beginners:

Pagan Paths by Pete Jennings
Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft by Ronald Hutton
Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn
The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak
In the Circle by Elen Hawke
To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day by Alaric Albertsson



The Ancient Celts by Barry Cunliffe
The Celtic World by Miranda Green
Gods of the Celts by Miranda Green
By Oak, Ash, & Thorn by D. J. Conway



Liber Noctis: A Handbook of the Sorcerous Arte by Gary St.M. Nottingham
Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente
Our Own Druidry by Ar nDraiocht Fein
The Mysteries of Druidry by Brendan Cathbad Myers


The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner
The Kemetic Tree of Life Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics and Cosmology for Higher Consciousness by Muata Ashby

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